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Microbiologists Society , India

Microbiologists Society of India was established in March 1996 and registered in November 1996 in Satara, Maharashtra India. Microbiologists Society aims to benefit Educators, Scientists, Academicians, Industry workers, entrepreneurs and students of microbiology and biotechnology, its ultimate stakeholders through various outreach programmes. The society works round the year and aims to create knowledge sharing opportunities. The MSI organizes various competitions for enhancing knowledge and skills of all stakeholders.

MBSI Students Unit @Department of Microbiology, HVPGR-Kadi

Department of Microbiology of this institute have student unit of MBSI since 2018.

Every year students register under MBSI – students unit. Every registered students get Annual Membership certificate from Microbiologists Society, INDIA.

2018-19 -176 students registered under MBSI Student Unit of the Institute

2019-20 -124 students registered under MBSI Student Unit of the Institute

2020-21 -86 students registered under MSBI Student Unit of the Institute

20121-22 -144 students registered under MBSI Student Unit of the Institute

Every year, MBSI felicitate ” Best student of Department” with trophy and Certificate. 


MAC : Microbiology Awareness Cell

The bioscience club and microbiology awareness cell conduct academic skill enhancing activities as well as extension activities throughout the year. The vision of the club is 360° development of students in all sectors while instilling strong societal responsibilities. The Microbiology awareness cell carries out extension activities in schools, colleges, old age homes around Kadi region, for creating awareness about various environmental, health, diseases , pollution etc issues.

The bioscience corner is a distinct practice of the club where students are encouraged to collect articles, news paper cutting  etc., of current scenario in biological science especially microbiology. These articles are displayed on the notice board with name of the student. This inculcates a healthy practice of reading about current affairs and also updates awareness and general knowledge amongst students. The students contributing most articles throughout the year is also felicitated by the department.

Activities by MBSI Student Unit@ HVPGR-Kadi 

Special Achievements of Department  by MBSI


National Award as ‘ Best Department’  : 2019-2020

For the Academic Year 2019-20, microbiology department of this institute was awarded National award as ‘ Best Department of India’  by Microbiologist Society, India

National Award In Calendar making competition : 2021-22

Microbiology Society organized national level calendar making competition during academic year 2021-22. The event was regaring designing of scientific calendar for year 2022 of specific content from the field of microbiology, biotechnology and life sciences.

Calendar designed by HVHP Institute of Post Graduate Studies and Research, Kadi was awarded first prize at National level. More than 2000 copies of calendar have been printed by MSI and distributed throughout India in all educational Departments, Institutes, Universities and Industries related to microbiology and biotechnology.


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